89% of people want to meet with their Manager more often*
Your people's expectations are that these catch ups will add value to their performance and career. Yet many are not.

  • Performance reviews are not improving performance. Many do the opposite.

  • Too many managers think that ‘task is key’ and their 1 on 1’s become a checklist conversation.

  • “If only we had more time we would be able to invest more in our people” is a common cry.

  • For many managers the real issue is: “I just don’t know how to get the best from my people”.

We need to move our catch ups up the ladder, improve our ability to lead and how we spend time with our team.
It’s a no brainer!

*‘Are Employees’ Needs Being Met by One on Ones’, Perspectives, Employee Work Passion: Volume 6, Ken Blanchard.

Just $299* for a lifetime of leadership and professional relationship skills.

This is a one off price so there won’t be any ‘fine print’ surprise charges down the track.

You will receive 7 x 20-35 minute modules and 6 x worksheets.
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What’s in the program?


Our Introduction helps leaders understand what the ‘new school’ of leading people looks like. It sets the scene. There is also a simple self-assessment so you can understand your strengths and what you need to focus on in order to drive Kick Ass Catch Ups, every time.

1. Ask More, Tell Less

It’s not news that asking great questions helps people think and solve problems better than just telling them the answers.  Yet we still haven’t nailed it.  In this module you will become more aware of the role you can play and understand how to use ‘POW’ questions to solve problems and grow your people’s thinking and capability.

2. Career Conversations

People want to have conversations about how they can grow and develop themselves. Yet we are often unsure, and ill equipped, to make these conversations add real value. Here you will learn how to stretch your people, further their careers and grow their capability without needing any of the answers.   It’s easier than you think.

3. Your Presence Is Your Present

Sometimes just showing up is enough. Really. The more you observe your interactions with people, whether it’s in the catch up or not, the more value you will add. It is here you will come to understand that your presence… is your present and the small steps you can take to make a big impact.   

4. Feedback Both Ways

Whether it’s the big conversations or the small ones, the positive or negative stuff. This module will help you understand the value of feedback, how it creates high performance teams and leaders plus how to structure giving and receiving it.  You will no doubt use this template at work and in life.

5. Your Relationships Matter

This module creates a window for you to assess and reflect on how strong or weak your current team relationships are. It shows you where to focus and how to put in place some pragmatic steps to improve and strengthen these relationships.

6. Designing Your Catch Up

This is the light at the end of the tunnel. It ties up everything you have learnt and gives you a structure and template for how to prepare and conduct our catch ups. No longer will you walk into these without a Kick Ass game plan. 

What You Get

You will receive all 7 online modules upfront, together with all the super pragmatic worksheets and templates that support the learning. We value trust. So we know that giving trust creates it. We trust you will share the learnings with the people around you but not the material.
That’s how we make our living. So please honour that.

Refund Policy

There isn't one.
We know there is so much goodness in there that you can’t lose.
The modules are super pragmatic and the only thing that
won’t work is if you don’t action it. Really.

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About Georgia Murch

Georgia has built a reputation for creating high performance leaders and teams, helping organisations become ‘great places to work’.

Working with public and private clients for over 20 years, leading teams and businesses, designing and facilitating culture change and leadership programs means she’s done the miles. She is featured in Sky Business, The Today Show (Channel 9), The Morning Show (Channel 7), AFR, BRW, News.com, Huffington Post, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, CEO Institute, Modern Business and Qantas Radio. Georgia is also the best-selling author of ‘Fixing Feedback’ and ‘Feedback Flow’.

Georgia would describe her style as ‘quirky corporate’ and she prides herself on being super pragmatic and making learning easy. A remarkable communicator in her own right, she is an inspiring speaker that challenges people to become better versions of themselves, in their workplaces and their homes. She works with organisations that want to keep growing, improving and disrupting. Helping them drive engagement, increase productivity and create super successful businesses.
About Georgia Murch

Some of Georgia's clients

  • Atlassian
  • Telstra
  • Dior
  • Mercedes Benz
  • Canva
  • Aussie Post
  • MYOB
  • The University of Melbourne
  • Bupa

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